Are your employees lacking motivation and getting a little too comfortable in their position at your company? A great way to increase productivity within the workplace is to incentivize.  This can include going on a company retreat.  This will take your employees outside of a stressful workplace and give them time to relax.  It will increase company morale because co-workers are able to bond with each other and rediscover their passion for work.

Make them feel needed

Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Some employees tend to get lazy because they often feel under appreciated and unrecognized for the work they do.  Rewarding them with a retreat lets them know that you care and you enjoy having them at your company.

Create balance

Allow employees to understand each other outside of the workplace. Retreats can include fun activities, such as going to the vineyard or going hiking.  When employees get around each other and let their guard down because they are in a different setting, this can create a space for better communication.  Being outside of the company atmosphere allows you to refocus and can also create a space to develop some wonderful ideas for the company that you might not have otherwise thought about.

Do your employees and your business a favor and book your company retreat at the Inn at Laurita Winery.  We offer special pricing during the week and the Inn can provide all of your meals for your stay. Give us a call to discuss further, 609.752.0303.