Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…but who has the time?

Time flies! I remember attending a family gathering years ago, when I was about 2 weeks from my 30th birthday. As I said, years ago! My Aunt Lucy, who at the time was in her 70’s, told me something I never forgot and live it now as fact – after 30, your years will speed past you so fast it will shock you. Indeed it does shock me as I head into my 60’s. I recently made a promise to myself to gather with as many as my girlfriends as often as possible, even just once every month or so. I will make it point to ‘ink in’ dates with each of them as time does fly. I ‘wanna have fun’ with ‘my girls’ so I have committed myself to do just that!

If you feel the same way, get your besties together. We offer a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Getaway Package. You and they deserve it! Come and have some fun. Soon!



Inn at Laurita Winery, Healing Spirits Spa and the Laurita Equestrian Center

Sharing the property with the winery is the Inn at Laurita Winery, a newly restored and renovated farmhouse. The Inn offers the rustic appeal and setting of the original homestead as well as the elegance of designer appointed guest rooms with the comforts of modern amenities.

Full service massage and spa services are available to Inn guests and the public at our on site Healing Spirits Spa.

Visitors staying at the Inn are welcome to take riding lessons or go for trail rides at our Laurita Equestrian Center which is also located on the vast domain and is a popular draw for visitors to this wine resort destination.

Come discover our wondrous haven once and you will return time and again bringing friends, families and associates to share in memorable moments inspired by the unique and fascinating experience that is Laurita Winery.