We hope each and every one of you enjoyed a great summer! There’s only a few more weeks to go! Thank you to all that allowed us to serve you as our guests this summer season. We are very grateful for your business.

In addition to our usual events and retreats, like our artists Plein Aire Retreat where a stunning dragonfly made it’s home on Janis’s paint brush, some other fun and unusual summer highlights for summer 2019:

On June 29, the most beautiful double rainbow filled the sky during a winery festival. Breathtaking. In August, Janis’s keen eye spotted greenery growing by the parking lot that turned out to be cantaloupes! She of course paired them with some delicious prosciutto for a tasty breakfast treat. There you have it folks! Another summer behind us and onward to fall. Don’t forget, we have great prices for booking the entire inn off season or mid week. Come have some fall fun at our cozy Inn. Thanks again.